Self Care

The importance of Self Care is hardly a new concept. In my last post I had committed to blogging weekly about product…then life happened. The 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 kicked off the busiest summer yet. I was in a wedding, got married in two weeks (I am NOT expecting!), prepping to be in another wedding and have been co-planning our very first Yoga Teacher Training which starts in less than a week! Now that most of those things  have settled I’ve decided to get back to doing a little bit more of what I do well: promote self care + share my favorite products.

Why should you keep reading? What makes me think I’m any good at this? Yesterday confirmed my thoughts (and likely inspired me to write today). I was at the mall and decided to share my unsolicited opinion with two different women while waiting in line (in two different stores) and they both took my advice! Why would these strangers do that? Likely, because I shared the information authentically or I must look really trustworthy lol. #ishouldgetpaidforthis Also, I have plenty of friends that ask for my advice so I figured I should offer it up on a forum accessible to anyone that is interested.

Below I’ve broken down MY thoughts on this topic, this is no one else’s opinion but my own.

First – Self Care means INSIDE & OUT. It includes what you eat, the actions you take + don’t take, and how you treat your largest organ: your SKIN. Embrace the creepy: you want the guy from Silence of the Lambs to want to wear your skin as a jumpsuit, but not really. At best, you want to look five years younger without all the botox and fillers – it’s about aging gracefully. Genetics is a factor but a lot of this is controlled by you. You have to commit to making this a priority and no one else can do that for you. i.e. don’t smoke, drink in moderation, consume plenty of water & eat clean, whole foods – results from these healthier habits will quickly show up on the surface.

Second – fitness/activity are crucial. What do you do to stay active? walking? meditation? The brain needs love too! YOGA? running (i might vomit)? I encourage you to find something you love and commit to that even if it starts with 15 minutes every other day. I teach yoga and I mainly practice yoga. Sometimes I do something silly like Death by Burpees…never. again. If you like group classes check out Naptown Fitness for SWIFT, Yoga & CrossFit. COMMUNITY is major factor. It helps to be surrounded by like-minded peers.

Lastly – regimen. YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE = treat it with respect. You must commit to the cause. Start simple. Find a few basic items and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Before I scare you off with my daily routine, please note I started with washing and moisturizing twice a day. Then I added one more thing. And then one more. With time you’ll learn what does and doesn’t work for you, but it starts with trying.

Spilling the beans: I’ve become quite diligent and I wash my face every morning & night, followed by a toner, then I use Raw Sauce to help better absorb what I apply next – serum, eye cream, finally with moisturizer (one for day, another for night). The results were proof enough that I continued to follow this no matter how tired I was at night or how many glasses of wine I had consumed…impressively I have woken up with my face clean on nights I barely got my PJs on (AKA my bachelorette party). This took time + patience. I share my regimen with you because if I can do this, so can you. What works for me may not be right for you, but I hope it inspires you to create something of your own. I’m happier in my skin when I take the time to care of it, I hope you will find the same.

Top five products:

  1. Clarisonic – I use this EVERY DAY. I clean my brush weekly + replace my brush every four months. I swear by it.
  2. Cleanser – I keep at least two in my shower. What I use depends on what my skin needs at that time. I already shared Skinny Coconut Facial Oil but a product I highly recommend and have come back to over and over again is Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel.  I am prone to mild breakouts and sweat regularly. Works great with the Clarisonic.
  3. Toner – same as the cleansers, I have a few options. ALWAYS. I love Belif Witch Hazel Extract Toner because it doesn’t require cotton pads for applying and is a very CLEAN product. I’ll even apply some to my underarms after a shower because, why not?!
  4. I already listed the Raw Sauce above and it’s also been posted on my Instagram @ompurvi – check it out!
  5. Moisturizer – day + night. For day time, I highly recommend Farmacy Rise ‘N Shine Daily Moisture Lock and for night I love Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil with Trans-retinoic Acid Ester. If you’re sensitive to sun or retinol this may not be for you. I use it a couple times a week and notice a difference in my skin (the price point is higher but all together worth it, IMO).

These are mostly clean products. I try my best to avoid parabens, sulfates & phthalates but it doesn’t always work. Also, more products are becoming cruelty free and vegan. Take the time to read the labels & research the brands. Get to know what you’re using and if it fits your lifestyle. I like Sephora and Eva Maison because I can take something back if I don’t like it. The reviews can be helpful and you have the opportunity to give your own feedback.

What’s to come next? serums. eye creams. hair care. body scrubs. soaks. make up + brushes. removers. You name it, I’ll share my two cents. Stay tuned kiddos.


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