A place to start…

Washing our faces, you’d think it would be easy by now…humans made the wheel, we discovered fire, I mean really – how hard could it be?! From what I hear people seemed challenged by this task. What do I use? How often should I be doing this? Why?

I don’t think the act of washing one’s face is what people struggle with. It’s about understanding the benefits: prolong signs of aging, prevent blemishes, preventing dehydration of face + lips, reducing oiliness and so many more. To clean your face you don’t need fancy things. In my first blog post I shared one of my favorite products – Skinny Coconut Oil – like cleans like, oil rids oil. #science

My first trick isn’t really a trick, it’s committing to the cause. What you put in you get out. I typically start my daytime routine with my Clarisonic – two minute setting. I travel with it, everywhere, even 20 minutes to the westside when we stay with my husband’s family. I keep multiple cleansers in the shower to use with it. Right now I have Jurlique Balancing Cleanser (the link takes you to an newer version of the cleanser than what I have) and Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Cleanser. I recently went through my  Perricone MD Citrus Facial Wash (loved it!) on deck to replace it is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. A brand I recently heard some buzz about, especially this face wash, I’m excited to see how it works!

Why all the options?  First, I’m in my thirties – it is NOT too soon to add anti-aging into my regimen. Second, I am a woman and my hormones fluctuate as well as my lifestyle (like eating a corn dog and taffy at the State Fair), I may need something to counter my body’s reactions. Third, my job exposes me to different elements and that can vary significantly during some seasons. Finally, I DO wear makeup occasionally – a full face of it – and my skin might break out if I haven’t washed my brushes in a couple weeks. I take these things into consideration from day-to-day & seasonly. One morning may call for deep cleaning while another (day after a facial) I may go with something more gentle.

I learned about properly cleaning my face by reading various articles as a youth and decided then – if I had ANY role in the condition of my skin I would try. I read: wash at night before bed…ALWAYS TAKE YOUR MAKE UP OFF. This rule is a game changer. I followed through and saw the benefits early on. I rarely wear makeup (#joblove) but I do need to wash off the sweat + dirt from the day so I can go with a simpler cleanser at night.

If you thought this was a lot, please stop reading. NOW. Skip to last paragraph 🙂 ***PRODUCT JUNKIE ALERT****

Sometimes I don’t want all the suds so I use the oil, if my skin is in need of something a little more “aggressive” I’ll use DERMADOCTOR Wrinkle Revenge® 1 which I apply onto dry skin and work in then add water. I also use AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel which is a powder, add a little water + create soft suds then apply to face, gentle but effective. Like I mentioned earlier, the Oil I use to clean goes directly on the skin and is wiped off with a hot, wet rag after a 30 second compress.

Let it simmer. What I do may seem a bit extreme, but I loved to learn about my skin to and I also love product. (I warned you, #productjunkie). I may have a couple containers full of samples which could some day lead me to my next favorite product – go to Sephora online or stop in at Eva Maison and they’ll hook you up. I may end up with a blemish here and there but this is what works for me. I enjoy the process so I am more likely to follow through. Guys and girls alike, use this at your own discretion. My advice: start simple.

If you’re thinking – this girl says she’s a yogi, does she even understand the meaning of aparigraha (non-possessiveness) or brahmacharya (moderation)? I acquired all of these items over a period of time. It doesn’t cause me pain when I run out, I actually find myself delighted at the opportunity to try something new. My purchases last a long time since I vary in what I use. My friends lovingly joke that getting ready at my house is like visiting the spa, and maybe that’s what I love…that feeling that comes over me as I practice self care. If you need me to say it, to each their own, mine just happens to [currently] include five different types of face wash 🙂

Thanks for sticking it out.

Love & Gratitude,