Empowering Women Pt. I

beyonceWhen it comes to yoga, I think about the divine power and strength that all living things possess. On a regular basis you’ll hear me say to students, YOU are ENOUGH. Always. I mean that. You are strong, you are brilliant, you are great and powerful and carry the spark of the whole universe within you. It’s what makes us all the same. It’s what makes us so resilient.

So, how is it that we as women struggle with this so often? Body image. Careers. Lifestyle. I know men deal with pressures of life as well, but there’s a whole set of expectations created by the media and pop culture that makes it even more challenging for the gender that makes more than half the population of the world. See below:

World 6,895,889,018 female 3,477,829,638 male

Where does this come from? Why am I speaking up now? Well, this may come as a shock to some of you but I’m expecting. AKA, I AM PREGNANT. My husband and I are very excited but theres been this fear of sharing our news. Is it too soon? Am I going to miscarry? I hear such facts as 1 in 4 women will experience miscarriage…I am not certain that’s true.

Here is some information: 15-20% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage, 80% of these occur in the first trimester. Much of this dependent on medical history and individual factors. Some suggest not sharing until you’re out of the first trimester and maybe that’s because dealing with the repercussion of losing the pregnancy could be devastating. My thought is I would rather share my news and if this ends sadly for us then I have a community that can support me. I can be honest with them rather than pretend that everything is okay when it isn’t AND I get to own my pregnancy. It’s not something to be hidden. I feel empowered when I share my news with those around me. I refuse to live in fear.

This is the most complicated, draining, rollercoaster ride I have been on. I am tired, I am freakishly nauseous and then I have moments of strength and normalcy that return. I need to get subs for classes, sometimes last minute, after sleeping poorly and waking up so ill that getting out of bed seems like a challenge. Other moments I feel like myself and I am trying to work through the symptoms cause no one really tells you how hard this can be. Not to mention all the things I loved just a couple months ago no longer appeal to me, eating is different, activity is limited, even what I drink depends on how I am feeling.

I like to think that I am tough, physically and mentally, yet this has been one extremely trying phase in my life. Those women who shine bright in pregnancy, lucky you, the rest of us that are human – this is an adventure I want to be honest about – rather than sugarcoat it so I can make those around me feel better. I don’t know how I’ll feel day-to-day or from one moment to the next. I do know that when I tell people they are truly excited for me and my growing family…students, family , friends, strangers, they are all thrilled. If I had to tell them later that something went wrong in a world with Zika and a variety of other possibilities I may need support. I may not want to be around others. I may want to be cuddled and brought pints of ice cream. What I know is that as women we need to be empowering one another not frightening ourselves that we may “jinx” ourselves. I know I feel stronger and more capable with the support of those around me. I  know that every time someone is excited for my news I shine a little brighter. I know that my STATE OF MIND effects my baby, my pregnancy and now more than ever I need to feel empowered.