Sacred Space // Bhavana | भवन


Here’s a piece I wrote for the Tree House Newsletter in February.  Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Just over a year ago I decided to finally do myself a favor and created a sacred space. I put a mat down in a room and claimed it my own. It started as just that, a mat in a room. And then it grew…a work desk and a dresser. The room itself is nothing huge, in fact it’s a converted spare bedroom, but it’s full of natural light, it has my yoga books, space for my mats (yes, plural) and a bamboo plant from my best friend. I have collected items from many I hold dear to my heart and made a small altar/bhavana* for myself where I place sacred items: a mala blessed by the Dalai Lama, my yoga Barbie from my bestie, a daily reading book, a meditation shawl from India when I did my 500 YTT and many other pieces.

This yoga/office/room has taken on a mind of it’s own over the course of time but it’s more about what has stayed the same that makes this room special. This space has a purpose, or more specifically a presence. No matter the distractions or challenges the day brings I can turn here and focus on two things: yoga and self. From this space many new lessons have blossomed.

It’s where I work out my work life yoga and also my personal yoga. I truly believe if we spend enough time with ourselves doing what we love, and sometimes doing them when we’re feeling too tired or too busy, we reap the greatest benefits. I encourage you to take the things you say you want to do and then go forth, and DO THEM.

My advice to you, number one: make some space that you can call your own and number two: spend some time there and learn about yourself. Create a sacred place for you to work on Self Knowledge. The Bhagavad Gita says to us, self-knowledge is spiritual knowledge. The more we connect to the divine within, the closer we find ourselves to true fulfillment. This is not the type that comes from the physical and tangible things we ‘think’ make us happy, it already exists within us. It is the thing that is always there and helps us find a greater happiness, one that doesn’t come from owning a fancy car, or not-so fancy car.

Embrace it. Empower yourself. Find yourself elevated by connecting with who you are in your truest nature: Pure Consciousness. From this empowerment you can create abundance for yourself and for those around you. My experiences prove this more with each day, so go out there make space for yourself. Watch life manifest itself and feel its abundance. Make space for you, whether it is a spare bedroom, a corner in your home, or just enough room to put down your mat.

Extend yourself a little more love so you can better extend love to all that is.

With Gratitude & love,


*term added: meaning a place to grow in this context.


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