(more) Love // prema || प्रेम

We are one month in and 2016 has probably kept most of us on our toes. The East Coast was hit with Jonas while the Midwest has been experiencing a heat wave – in both cases what I loved most was seeing people making the most of it. The Iowa Caucus and Donald Trump have been mentioned on all media platforms as we are continually reminded of the big Election year, this really excites some people. What I have been most excited about is that 2016 is a Leap Year! seriously. exclamation point needed. A WHOLE extra day. And just remember, a lot can happen in 24 hours.

Last week was pure chaos and somehow I managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been working through the residual effects of Mercury in retrograde – a broken dishwasher repair which revealed a hole in our dry wall, a sudden plumbing incident that left our basement temporarily flooded and a tire that has been acting up resulting in taking my car to the dealership for TWO different tire issues. All of this with a pretty full schedule. There were tears, moments of feeling overwhelmed & under-prepared but then there were successes – moments of joy & laughter (while simultaneously crying) and a few life lessons learned. I had been setting my intentions on abundance and gratitude for the past few months…holy moly had it manifested itself.

When we set these intentions, they may not always show up as expected but, they are powerful in any sense. I just wrote my first essay/piece for a monthly newsletter (see the link for the challenge below). I had set an intention and now a date for my first workshop this year! I leave for Mexico in 4 days after I just got back from Chicago. Talk about abundance. My yoga schedule is just as full, if not more full, after updating my schedule to have one day off from teaching each week. So, what’s the point in all of this rambling? It made me think, this blog/site is about many things and one of them is coming together. Let’s set an intention – all together – for love. Love for others, for the things we enjoy and most importantly for ourselves. Whatever we set our big, fat hearts on (drop everything and watch Pitch Perfect if you miss that reference) we CAN create.

Cue the perfectly timed #loveTHYself challenge at Tree House Yoga here in Indianapolis. With a new owner and so many wonderful ideas evolving since the first of the year we finally decided to do something different. This challenge is about putting more loving acts out into the world no matter how big or small…it’s just more love. I honestly believe that if we can be more loving to ourselves we will find it easier to be loving towards others. If we have a full tank of gratitude + love to share then we aren’t left depleted, giving becomes more empowering.

Another one of those other grand ideas has already come to reality as we offer our first ever Teachers Yoga class. It’s about bringing a community of instructors together to make time for themselves on their mats. FOR FREE. Yes, free yoga classes for yoga teachers, every week. how perfect?! As an instructor I struggle with this from time-to-time and week-to-week. I know that caring for myself is a kind thing to do. Doing the same for others is also a very kind thing to do. I can’t thank the Universe enough for providing me with one more opportunity to take care of myself, so I can in turn take better care of my students.

All that being said, what I want for you is more love. I want you to remember where you come from – a source of unconditional love. Within each of us we carry a spark that comes from a pool of brilliant light. This light and love connects us all. As you go through each day this month, and the extra day at the end, try to be more loving + kind to your number one, Y.O.U.

with love & gratitude,



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