samyati | संयाति

what-the-what? sam-yetee.  huh? sum-yah-te. who knows…

i took etymology in college (A+).  medical terminology post-graduating for the ten seconds i thought about becoming a doctor (A++, and YES that’s possible).  along the way i learned the true power and importance of understanding the words in front of you. just when i thought i had a grip on things then came Sanskrit. it is one of the oldest, most sophisticated languages of all time.  a beautiful language that phonetically resonates within the body – subtle, energetic and physical.  which leads me to: saMyAti.  it was a Sanskrit word i didn’t know i was looking for.  the perfectly imperfect word that founds its way to me.

my family’s native tongue, Gujarati, has helped me along my journey with this ancient language.  i believe where we have been plays a significant role in where we are going.  until today, having my own website was merely just a dream.  i have thought of many names for many things, from the s corp i may or may not have some day to the children i would love to have and this website was one of them.  i was in search of a word that could hold space for the many things i believe in and suddenly it was there.  a rare word, for a rare bird (that’s me!) saMyAti: travel, wander, come together.  how perfect?  I was asked how they could be one and the same, yet so different…this is what i believe:

Travel: to change. to go somewhere.  to be.

Wander: to roam.  to enjoy the journey.  to be.

Come Together: to reconnect.  oneness.  TO BE.

i belive in the vitality of traveling, wandering & coming together in oneness.  i keep discovering more of myself as i work my way through these things over and over.  there is a beauty in being present in life’s journey, when you stop lingering in the past and release anxiousness about the future. the zest for life changes when you take the time to be.  my students hear this from me all of the time which leads me to the intention of this site…i look forward to sharing my experiences here and i hope to create space for you to do the same. let us come together with what resides in each one of us:

peace.  love.  & light.




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